Let’s give you an overview of how to become a pilot?

Want to be a pilot? We are here to help you with the criteria selection and details that you need to know before choosing this career. Pilots are skilled and trained professionals, who are responsible for operating and navigating the airplanes. They are known experts in knowing aviation protocols and ensure safe flights. Pilots are highly trained for years to experience and develop skills in handling aircraft during different conditions. In order to become a pilot, you need to have PCM in your 12th and at least 50% marks in your intermediate. The overall time varies for students but in general it takes around 4-5 years to complete the course. As a student you have to start with a Private Pilot License (PPL) then move on to acquire a Commercial (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Candidates must fulfil a specific number of flight hours from a recognized flying school to be eligible for this position. The career scope for pilots in India is very promising as you have opportunities in commercial airlines, charter airlines, cargo airlines, armed forces and many more. The average annual salary of pilots in India is INR 55.40 LPA. The starting salary of a Pilot is approximately 10.10 LPA with the highest salary being around INR 84 LPA. The top recruiters for pilots include Air India, IndiGo, Vistara, Spice Jet and Air Asia. Even if you are not selected in these airline companies, you can enrol yourself in aviation careers and they will provide you employment. One of the best aviation platforms is Stephenson Advisory Group.

Aviation careers comprise a wide range of professions within the airline industry that includes pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft engineers. You can find skilled pilots with proper training and experience because of aviation career options. This industry offers career growth along with chances of global travel and unique experiences. Before going into different aviation positions offered by the industry, let’s understand what is the aviation industry? The aviation industry is a large business sector that functions towards the manufacturing and operating of all types of aircraft, although it is a massive industry with numerous career options, the aviation industry has talent acquisition agencies for finding, attracting, and onboarding eligible candidates for different aviation positions. They provide highly qualified candidates all the details required for their long-term goals.

What are different pilot requirement agencies in the market?

All the airline companies that have their aircrafts require trained pilots for the navigation and business such as Air India, Indigo, Vistara etc. Some of the skills that are important to be a part of these companies are technical knowledge, communication skills, workload management, flight planning, aircraft operation, critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving. Pilot requirement agency hire trained pilots with these qualities.

Why is Stephenson Advisory Agency your best employment platform?

Stephenson Advisory Group is a proud member of dimensional search network of offices that makes it different from other aviation careers. This website collaborates in order to identify client’s needs and find them the best talented candidates to be a part of their company for a better future. We place top young talents in their desired positions with corporate flight departments.

Being a pilot is a very technical yet hard working job, in order to be in your desired position, you need lots of training and courses in order to make yourself better than others. Stephenson Advisory group is here for both the candidates and companies to help them in their future.