What is Talent acquisition agency and how does it search for eligible candidates?

When you are searching for a job opportunity in the Aviation Career Coaching industry, try to network yourself with a good talent acquisition agency in order to stand out from the rest. But what is a talent acquisition agency? This agency focuses on finding and hiring talented candidates for different aviation positions. Here are some factors used by these agencies during searching and hirings eligible candidates:
Data-base search and research: the agency has an extensive data-base of all the candidates through networking, referrals and previous placements.

  • Data-base search and research: the agency has an extensive data-base of all the candidates through networking, referrals and previous placements.
  • Job boards: postings job profiles on various job boards and professional networking sites to attract candidates who are actively seeking jobs as per their eligibility.
  • Networking:  the agency uses personal and professional networks for reaching out potential candidates who may not be actively looking for a job opportunity in the website related to jobs.
  • Social media:  they utilize social media reach for searching and engaging with eligible candidates as well as promoting their respective jobs for a wider audience.
  • Headhunting:  actively reaching out to individuals who fulfil the eligibility criteria for a particular role even though they are not searching jobs actively.
  • Referrals: the current employees, clients and other contacts refer to qualified candidates for open job positions.
  • Recruitment events: attending conferences, events, job fairs etc. helps a lot in identifying young talented candidates face-to-face for recruitment.

By using these methods, these agencies effectively search and identify eligible, talented candidates to meet their client’s job profile eligibility needs. Additionally, they also conduct interviews, assessments, and background research before any decision to ensure candidates are a good match for the roles they are being hired for. One of the best agencies for exclusive aviation job profiles is Stephenson Advisory Group that acts as a strong bridge between candidates and corporate aviation companies.

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